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Therapeutic Recommendations: Nutrients

B-Complex-Research has revealed that B vitamins are cofactors in the metabolism of amino acids. In other words, these two groups of nutrients function at their best when taken in concert. Independently both vitamin B-1 and biotin naturally include high amounts of sulfur and help the body absorb adequate quantities of nutritional sulfur.

Although you may well have not heard of biotin, your hair, skin, glands and even your bone marrow comprehend that it exists. To understand why it is important to have biotin to keep your hair healthy, you would need to know how this B vitamin works.

• Nutrient Production- biotin performs with folic acid to change it into a coenzyme.

• Metabolic Structure- biotin aids in the production and change of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and amino acids into energy. It is crucial in the manufacturing of glycogen, the energy panacea—distilled from carbohydrates—accumulated in your liver and muscles.

• Genetic Structure- biotin is also a key component in manufacturing purines, which are an essential nitrogen composite of nucleic acids, in which our genetic matter is held.

By providing your hair with a good B-complex vitamin, you are improving not only the health of your hair, but furnishing your body with good health, high energy levels, less deterioration from stress, and a general state of vitality that only a well nourished body can possess. Keep in mind that all the B vitamins perform together, so it is important to secure to find a B-complex supplement that is in the correct ratios.

Suggested dosage: Take one capsule, three times a day with a meal.

Recommendation: Life Extension Foundation - Complete B Complex

Para-aminobenzoic acid- PABA is a part of folic acid and performs as a coenzyme in the body’s metabolism of proteins and assists in the making of healthy blood cells. It unites with folic acid and pantothenic acid to construct a healthy body.

What might be of interest to you however, is the fact that PABA has some unique tasks that apply to hair. A Doctor Frank Evans, who authored the book, Diseases of Metabolism, had triumphs in managing hair loss amid a group of dieting woman with PABA. According to Doctor Evans, “Results have been satisfactory and its continued use is recommended”.

There has also been some research by Doctor Chris Zarafonetis of Temple University who deduced from his studies that an intake of 6-24 grams of PABA per day for at least 6 weeks re-establishes the natural hair color of 25% of people with noticeably gray hair. He did not hypothesize on the mechanism for hair color re-establishment and pointed out that the results were highly unpredictable and might require extensive periods of use. Unfortunately, another Doctor named Zvak confirmed that the reclaimed color was lost within 3-4 weeks if the intake of PABA was stopped. PABA is water soluble and is expelled quickly in the urine, and therefore to be dispensed in divided does throughout the day.

Suggested dosage: ¼-1 teaspoon per day, spread out throughout the day with meals.

Caution: High doses of PABA should not be used when taking sulfa antibiotics such as Bactrim or Septra.

Recommendation: Life Extension Foundation - PABA Powder

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)-Have you ever smelled the overpowering odor of burnt hair? In point of fact, what you smelled was burning sulfur. This is because sulfur is the resilience of the proteins that make up hair. Every time you cut your hair, natural sulfur composites are trimmed away—sulfur your body has to restore in order to grow healthy, shiny new hair.

Sulfur makes up roughly 0.25% of your entire body weight and occurs primarily from the proteins you consume and from the proteins your body manufactures by connecting together various amino acids. The sulfur located in each strand of your hair has been there since the commencement of its life. Every hair started as a tiny sprout within a small opening in your skin called a follicle. At the root of the follicle, capillaries bring nutrients to the bulb, including copious amounts of sulfur which supply the growing hair shaft. Follicle cells then change these nutrients—mainly amino acids—into a hard, waterproof protein called keratin, which is the hair you see on your head. European scientists only just corroborated that these keratin fibers are in actual fact “embedded in a sulfur-rich matrix”. You can view the abstract here.

Sulfur is as basic to life as water and air, and yet its value is commonly overlooked. It is the eighth most abundant element in all living organisms and plays and important role in human nutrition. As a matter of fact, it is an important element in more than 150 compounds in the body—tissues, enzymes, hormones, anti-bodies and antioxidants. Sulfur is stored in every cell of the body—particularly in the hair, nails and connective tissue of the joints and skin. Sulfur is an important structural component of the connective tissue that joins muscles to bones.

What is nature’s richest source of sulfur? Answer: MSM

Before the dawn of highly processed modern diets, foods were an important sulfur source. Due to air, soil and water pollution, over-farming, irrigation, and deforestation, our food is severely mineral depleted. It is therefore very important that you replace these minerals—especially sulfur.

The best type of MSM to take are the raw crystals. It is the most bio-available and economical form. It is more economical to take higher dosages of pure crystals for therapeutic benefits rather than tons of capsules. Please make sure that your source is pure and does not have fillers as there are many sub par msm supplements on the market.

Suggested Dosage: Take at least 1-3 level teaspoons per day. For optimal results, build up to at least 2 tablespoons a day. It is best dissolved in warm water and chased down with some juice. You cannot overdose on MSM because the body will take and use whatever it needs, and after 12 hours, flush any excess amounts from the body. You should see results in about 2-3 weeks.

Note: Several other nutrients, such as vitamin C and the trace minerals zinc, copper and silicon are needed in conjunction with MSM for optimal results.

Recommendation: 99.9% Pure OptiMSM Crystals

Silica- Besides oxygen, silica is the most widespread element in the earths crust. Until a short time ago, silica was not considered to be of physiological importance because most plant and animal tissues contain somewhat small amounts. Additional investigation revealed that silica is present in all soil-grown plants, and on occasion in large concentrations. While only trace amounts are established in the body tissues, research has found that these minute amounts are critical to health. In light of new found studies that demonstrate the important physiological benefit from silica consumption, scientists acknowledge silica need as an essential nutrient.

Due to the importance of silica to structural molecules in the body, the immediate signs of silicon deficiency are frequently manifested in the skin, hair and nails. Skin and hair lose their strength and elasticity and your nails become brittle. Your deficiency in silica could be generated by consumption of a highly refined diet that is low in essential nutrients. In addition, levels of this mineral in the skin are recognized as decreasing with age. The good news is that silica supplementation causes a noticeable improvement. There are even some forms of Alopecia (hair loss) that are caused by insufficient intake of nutrients. In these particular cases, silica can encourage healthy and thick growth of hair. Nine times out of ten, the higher the concentration of silica in skin, hair and nails, the healthier these tissues are.

Be sure to check out the full article on Silica's many benefits in your body.

Suggested Dosage: Take 15-20 drops in 8 ounces of purified water of juice, two times a day. You can also use it after a great workout!

Recommendation: Cellfood's Essential Silica Formula


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