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A Solution to Chemical Toxicity & Exposure
Zen Detox is an ideal product to include safely with other forms of treatment and will assist greatly in detoxifying chemical residuals. Zen Detox is also wonderful for people who live in hard water locations, as well as swimmers or gym members who use chlorinated pools and incur a toxic buildup of water treatment chemicals.

There are over 70,000 chemicals being used in commercial production in the U.S. Medical researcher, Alan Levine, M.D. believes that, "the vast increase of chemicals in our environment, foods and medicines has greatly altered the body's ability to rid itself of toxins." The immune system provides for our first, second and third lines of defense against everyday germs, viruses and bacteria.

Our therapy assists in detoxing mercury which is now associated with over 200 diseases. Mercury is especially associated with neurological and behavioral disruptions including depression, allergies, food sensitivities and chronic illness.

A Therapeutic Method
Morrocco Method Zen Detox is a therapeutic method to assist in detoxing accumulated chemicals from toxic hair care products, such as synthetic shampoos, conditioners, styling products, coloring agents, perms, hair relaxers, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate. There are 38 different names for SLS including DEA, TEA, MEA and Cocomide, a synthetic so-called coconut oil.

There are a wide variety of toxic exposures, including environmental and industrial pollution, toxic water and air.

All of these chemicals and pollutants are stored in the body, in our glands and immune system.

Over a period of time the body cannot naturally detox and the toxic build up causes diseases and can be carcinogenic. Our herbs and spices enhancing this unique formula help eliminate the chemicals, heavy metals and often carcinogenic exposures of daily living. Although immunity can decline with age, more often the weakening of the immune system is due to long term exposure to toxins. The role of the immune system is immense — from fighting viruses and germs, to coping with debilitating autoimmune diseases and cancer.

How to Use Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy
For best results use a wooden spoon and a wooden or glass bowl for mixing. Take 1/3 of the packet and slowly add natural water until it becomes a thick creamy consistency. As all clays are alive this will let the clays recharge themselves back to their own life force. If you have mixed more than you need, allow the remaining product to dry out, then add water when you are ready for the next treatment. It will keep indefinitely at room temperature. Do not refrigerate!

Prepare a hot bath, light candles, play meditation music, and simply relax and soak. While hair is dry, in the bath or before entering, massage the formula into the scalp and hair, using the entire amount. Although formulated specifically for the scalp, this holistic product can safely be in contact with the skin of your face, neck and hands. Leave the detox formula on from 15 to 45 minutes depending on how you adjust. When ready, wet your hands and massage deep into the hair and scalp, loosening the hair and allowing air to uplift the detox therapy and helping it penetrate deeper into the hair follicles and scalp. For your first treatment leave the detox on for 15 to 30 minutes. The next week try 30 to 45 minutes. On the third week treatment try 30 to 60 minutes. As the formula lifts the toxins from your hair and scalp and reaches the blood circulating below the skin, more toxins begin to be lifted away, resulting in a pleasant sensation of increased clarity in the brain.

When your time is up, simply submerge your head into the bathtub water and massage the formula out of your hair and scalp. You may wish to shower before leaving the tub.

Using the detox in the evening just before going to bed can be the most relaxing time of the day, sending you into a restful sleep. This formula will be good for three treatments for normal length hair. For long, thick hair, use half this package per treatment for a two week treatment.

This spa therapy treatment can be done once weekly in three consecutive treatments. For maximum results repeat once per season. Four full treatments per year should be sufficient in detoxing the hair follicles, scalp, and sebaceous glands, and clarifying the brain.

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